VR Is The Next Step Of Online Gaming

Effective Virtual Reality has been long in the coming. The major problem that has always previously faced the technology is that it has consistently been behind the times. Playing catch-up to technological developments on home computers, consoles, cell phones, and tablets has proven impossible – until now. The potential of true VR has never been really in doubt. It’s the demands of the customer that have held back progress. Yet finally it looks like genuine high-quality VR is the next step in online gaming.


What’s Held VR Back So Long?

As alluded to it’s simply been the pace of keeping up with technology. VR isn’t a new concept – in its primitive (soon to be prehistoric) state it was around the gaming scene twenty years ago. Yet huge enhancements in entertainment technology – remember ten years ago there were no smartphones – have hugely stymied its development. Arguably the Nintendo Wi and subsequent body-sensitive gaming consoles reinvigorated the potential of VR gaming, and after many years of development, it looks like it’s finally here for the domestic user.


What Does VR Have To Offer?

As might be expected true VR offers the potential for a much more immersive and potentially social involvement with gaming. No better will this technology be tested than with online slots and casino games as they potentially offer a huge breakthrough in the social dimension this market has been looking to develop for several years.

One of the key reasons behind this is that all of the new VR systems – most notably Oculus Rift – promise that their VR will offer much greater depth perception than offered before. This is thanks to the development of 3D technology that can be affordably implemented into standard headsets.


So What Does This Mean For Casino Players?

There’s huge potential in VR for casino players. Again let’s take All Slots Online Casino as a prime example. The one thing missing in online slots is that there isn’t the satisfaction of ‘physically’ touching the machine. VR offers the next best thing by using hand and eye movement to hit buttons and make decisions as and when needed. The physical movement of interacting with the slot game is the most satisfying aspect and VR offers huge potential in this regard for vastly enhancing the gamer’s experience.

Table games can also expect to take on a new edge. Being able to interact (again the social aspect is crucial) with other players around the table or at the wheel will truly bring the casino into the living room. While still very much in development the prospect of being able to virtually roll a die, flick a card or check out the opposition is something that simply cannot be accurately replicated on a PC, mobile, or phone.


The Potential For VR & Mobile Compatibility

As a final note, this needs to be exemplified as the potential for modern VR headsets/glasses to be run through modern smartphones is potentially phenomenal. Already many top-end phones have more power than the average laptop, and the VR systems themselves have been designed to be as streamlined as possible regarding their compatibility. We are looking at mass-market technology here!

When the gaming system is perfected within a year or two and becomes opened up to the mainstream market, most people interested in online gaming will have in their pocket a smartphone more than capable of running a VR set-up. Being able to game anywhere with anyone at any time is the next great leap forward in online gaming – and it’s not far away.



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