Watch This Hilarious Competition Video of Pillow Fighting in Japan

Check out this amusing video from a league of pillow fighters in Japan who are fighting to win a pillow fight championship. It looks very much like dodgeball. But it also looks surprisingly slow-moving. Here’s a description of how the game works from Grapee:

The game starts with all five players ‘sleeping’ under kakebuton comforters then leaping to their feet when the whistle is blown, as they grab a pillow and begin the match. A cross between chess and dodgeball, the purpose of the game, carried out in 2-minute sets, is to protect each team’s 大将 taishō (meaning “General”) from being whacked and trying to whack the other team’s taishō as well. One player on each side can use a kakebuton to shield incoming pillows. There’s even a special rule where one player can call out: “The teacher’s coming!” which allows them to snatch the other team’s pillows. The official uniform is a yukata and the game is played on a tatami mat field.



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