What Are the Funniest Terms Used in Poker?

Poker is such an intricate game that it requires its own terminology. To the uninitiated, listening to the likes of Norman Chad and Lon McEachern commentate on the World Series of Poker may sound like another language as they constantly use words and phrases which have been invented to describe the card game. After a short amount of time, though, it’s fairly easy to get the hang of all the lingo. There are some pretty funny terms as well. Here are some of the best, with an explanation of what they refer to.


The Nuts

This is one of the most commonly used terms in poker, particularly in Texas Hold’em and other community strains of the game. The nuts is a phrase referring to the best possible hand on the table. Seeing as all the players share the same five cards in the center, everyone knows what the nuts would be in that particular hand. For example, if the board had two aces, and say, one, two, and three offsuit, the nuts would be four of a kind aces. The second nuts would be a full house with aces, and so on.


Bing Blang Blaow

A lot of the most commonly used poker lingo came about thanks to the rise of online poker. Poker games online such as Turbo Bounty Hunter variants are played in a slightly different way to live games. For example, they often have much shorter time limits on players making decisions and you would never have someone “calling the clock” on another player online.

Celebratory phrases are popular among online players, with “bing blang blaow” being a much-used option when winning in a hand of heads-up play. It is taken from a parody of a song by an online player, Ch3ckraise.


Card Dead

Because some aspects of poker come down to chance, players can often bemoan that they are simply not getting the luck of the cards. Those who keep receiving poor hands can say that they are card dead, and running badly.


Double Belly Buster

The double belly buster is a humorous poker term that refers to a player having two gutshot straight draws. This means that they could make a straight with two different cards. For example, if they are holding a ten and a jack, and there is a queen, eight, and an ace in the middle, the player needs either a nine or a king to complete a straight.



Hollywooding is a term used in live poker to describe when a player is clearly acting and taking a long time to make a decision. It can be used as a way to slow down the game, but the people who do it are not seen in a good light by others at the table. Hollywooding can often go hand-in-hand with slow-rolling, which is another detested behavior at the felt.

Poker terms serve to add to the authenticity of the game and make it highly original. But learning them can also be a good way for players to understand more about poker. So before you get into your next game of cards, think about mastering some of the lingoes beforehand.



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