What to Look for When Choosing a Perfect Couch

A couch is arguably the main interior item in a house. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture which has to withstand years of active use. That’s why, choosing a high-quality, stylish, and practical model, you might need to consider a few factors. In addition to the model and size (which, by the way, shouldn’t turn the couch into a sore spot in your room), you also should take the functional characteristics and reliability into account.

When deciding what couch to get for a living room, bedroom, or any other room, you first need to familiarize yourself with the following characteristics.

Couch types

Depending on the interior and room size, you can choose between three major types:

1. Modular. These are functional couches consisting of various modules, such as canapés, armchairs, armrests, poufs, and so on.

2. Corner. As the name implies, such models easily fit into corners. They’re L-shaped and consist of two parts: the main + corner part forming the angle when folded and increasing the sleeping place when unfolded.

3. Straight. These are classic models with a standard, and a bit boring, shape.


This is the basis of a couch. Its service life depends on the material it’s made of. A metal frame is reliable and pretty durable. Usually, it’s used for making high-tech-style couches. Models with a frame made of natural wood (oak, beech, mahogany, etc.) are no less reliable. But such models aren’t cheap. Particleboard frames are much more affordable – they’re completely safe and hold their shape well.

Couch filling

Couch manufacturers prefer such materials as foam rubber and foam. The main thing here is the purpose of the couch. If you buy it primarily for sleep, it would be better to choose a model filled with spring blocks. Their major advantages are orthopedic properties and high level of comfort. Models with foam filling are hypoallergenic; they’re soft and comfortable, but they wear out quickly when used every day. If you want the couch to hold its shape and stay soft, choose a latex foam filling. Thanks to millions of microcells, it has an orthopedic effect and lasts for decades.


There are several types of upholstery:

Leather. Soft leather furniture is the most expensive, but it has its advantages: high resistance to abrasion, mechanical, chemical, and UV-exposure. And it’s waterproof.

Fabric. Most models are upholstered with chenille, jacquard, and tapestry. They perfectly fit for everyday use because such materials reliably protect furniture; apart from that, they’re no less durable than leather. Just make sure that the front and back of the couch are made of the same material.

Folding mechanism

Planning on unfolding the couch from time to time or sleeping on it every night? Then add a folding mechanism to the list of its main features. Furniture stores offer models equipped with several types of mechanisms. There are click-clack, fold-out, and even electronic models. If you’re looking for a solution for tight spaces, such mechanisms are exactly what you need due to reliability and compact sizes.


After you figure out what kind of mechanism you need, think of what style would fit into your room better.

1. Modern-style models are characterized by a combination of straight and smooth lines, as well as unusual, asymmetrical elements.

2. Art-deco or high-tech styles are nicely combined with couches with regular geometric outlines, straight lines, monophonic upholstery, and contrasting color combinations.

3. If you’re into traditional style, choose models with wooden elements, rounded shapes, and soft outlines.

Additional Features

Don’t forget about additional features, such as niches for laundry, built-in bar compartments, microfibre covers, and so on.



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