Where to Hire Cheap Professional Academic Writers Online


Academic writing market is growing, as students struggle to meet professors’ demands and expectations. Every day hundreds if not thousands of academic writing orders are placed online. The choice is huge, but students are mostly looking for affordable agencies capable of providing them with professional writing assistance on time. To make your life easier, we have crafted some hints on where to hire cheap professional essay writers.

Freelance Writer vs. Writing Agency

This is the first choice a student has to make. Each option has bright sides and drawbacks. Freelance writers are often cheaper, and you can find them in freelance websites, browse through their history of completed orders, read testimonials, etc. When addressing a professional writing service you can’t choose a writer, he or she is assigned by a support team member. However, agencies guarantee the result and freelance platforms don’t. If the writer you choose gets sick or just gets lost, you will get your money back through a platform’s guarantee system, but you won’t receive your paper on time. If you decide to save even more money and hire a writer to pay directly to him or her, you are in even more risk. We recommend addressing writing agencies to make sure your assignment is created and submitted on time.


High Prices Don’t Guarantee High Quality

Looking for someone to write a high-quality paper for you, you may get tempted by overpriced agencies, thinking that they work better than others. Unfortunately, it is not mostly true. Overpriced agencies have this marketing model to attract people who believe in strict price-quality link. There are not too many of such customers among students, and such services can’t get a constant flow of orders. Not having a constant flow of orders, they can’t have enough professional writers working for them on a daily basis. You should look for a service with moderate prices and impressive flow of orders — they hire the best authors because they can guarantee work even during the low season.


Your Result Should Be Guaranteed

Let’s imagine you have found a writing service of your dream, with affordable prices and friendly support team members. Before placing an order, you should make sure affordability doesn’t mean irresponsibility. The simplest way to check is to pay attention to the offered guaranteed. For instance, if you address a cheap and fast essay writing service like CheapWritingHelp with reliable academic writers for hire to have your papers written you are automatically entitled to a set of guarantees. The timely delivery guarantee ensures your right to receive an ordered paper on time. If the service submits your paper late, or its quality is significantly less than was expected, you are entitled to a full or partial refund according to the Money Back Guarantee. You have seven days to ask for any number of free revisions, and you can rest assured to receive an entirely original paper, ensured by a Plagiarism-Free Guarantee.

Order Earlier and Save More

This rule works with any writing service you choose. First of all, it is much safer to order in advance, and, of course, but more affordable. With some services, you can save up to 40-50% placing your order two weeks before the deadline, not eight hours before the submission date. Planning helps you to avoid spending lots of money on something you could pay more than three times less. There is online one reason to pay more when you can pay less — choosing a progressive delivery option when you need a thesis, dissertation, term or research paper written. A service will charge you about 10% more, but you will be able to pay in installments and schedule receiving your extended paper part by part. You will keep everything under control, give comments gradually, talk more with an assigned writer, etc. As a result, you will get a well-thought-out paper you won’t have to proofread or adjust for another week.

Deciding on a writing service, trust facts and references, not only your intuition. Agencies use different tricks to make you interested in buying with them, and you should be very attentive before placing your order with a particular company for the first time. Looking for a cheap writing service, don’t address those offering ridiculously low prices.



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