Why Buffalo Wings Are Always Served With Celery

People might have different heat preferences, and there is surely a discussion to be had on whether they should be served with ranch or bleu cheese for dipping, but if you order a dozen wings, there are always going to be a few sticks of celery on your plate, as well.

Why, though? It definitely can’t be because people want to balance their sticky, saucy, sugary wings and ranch dressing with some veggies.

Buffalo wings were created in 1964 in – of course – Buffalo, NY. Frank and Teressa Bellissimo owned a neighborhood Italian restaurant that only served chicken in spaghetti sauce until motivation struck.

Like many culinary masterpieces, the buffalo wing came to be almost entirely by accident. It happened one night when the bar had received an accidental shipment of wings and also ended up with a bunch of drunken guys looking for a midnight munchie.

Buffalo Wings

His wife figured out she could find a better use for the wings than the trash, so she breaded them, fried them, tossed them in hot sauce, and – you guessed it – garnished the pate with leftover celery.

The restaurant – and finally the rest of the country – never looked back, but how has the garnish also stayed tried and true? Some top chefs like Dale Talde have some theories.

“Celery is a desperate cry to break the sale, spice, and fat of pounding 25 to 30 wings for a football game. The cool, refreshing texture and slightly bitter flavor is what you want when you eat wings.”



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