Why Subs From a Deli or Sandwich Shop Taste So Much Better


Food vlogger Ethan Chlebowski revealed how to build a submarine sandwich that bites as good as the ones that you can get from a deli or a sandwich shop. He describes why the ones from outside seem to taste so much better than those you make at home. It has to do with bread choices, the “lubrication” of the sandwich, the use of fats, the spice of vegetables, and the necessary stacking of ingredients.

Even though we typically have access to all the same ingredients sub sandwiches from the deli always seem to be better than the ones we make at home, so I pulled together 6 tips that I think make a really big difference.

Also, Chlebowski recommends that you wrap your sub at home like at a deli, as it will help the ingredients mix together for a blended taste.

This may seem superfluous to do at home but wrapping the sandwich does a really cool thing. It applies even pressure all around the sub and the benefits of this are one, the texture is more cohesive. Two, we can add more stuff inside without it spilling out and three, the lubricants can go to work transporting the flavors…I think the sandwich wrap is probably one of the biggest things that you can do to make that sub that you make at home feel special.




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