You Just Don’t Behave Like These 17 People At The Restaurant

Let’s ignore the rules for a second. There are also things called social contracts. Breaking these rules is just as grave. This kind of behavior should never go unnoticed. Let’s bring back the pillory so we can throw some rotten vegetables at them, but specifically for people who are rude in restaurants.

1. I see feet I’m going home.

2. Please don’t go down to brown town.

3. I love dogs but this is also a no.

4. The pillory. Look it up.

5. I’d be paying this establishment a visit.

6. The worst samurai.

7. *narrator’s voice* “It wasn’t.”

8. You can’t afford ice?

9. Gotta check if the oven is preheated.

10. Gotta be Florida.

11. Cool, thanks for the diaper.

12. McDrugs.

13. Help yourself.

14. Not how that works.

15. Just…why?

16. Don’t do this.

17. Honesty?



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